Commercial Electricians for Stockport Businesses.

There are many different fields for electricians to specialize in. Becoming a commercial electrician is one of these fields.

As the name suggests, they work in commercial places and properties, such as retail stores, factories and industrial buildings just to name a few.

The need for a commercial electrician as oppose to a regular electrician is the fact that these buildings require a different type of electrical work, mainly based on the fact that a lot more electricity is needed in comparison to a residential building.

Why A Commercial Electrician?

Large commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance and service work on a regular basis. This is one of the main services provided by a commercial electrician. Most commercial properties have a planned out schedule which is organized with the commercial electrician or company to ensure that they know when to keep up the maintenance of the building and ensure everything is working properly. As a commercial building is large in size and has many different components, a service of each component needs to be performed regularly to make sure they are also working.

A security system is an important part of any commercial business, from offices to factories to a retail store. These systems can be complex and are made up of many parts, such as cameras, motion detectors, monitoring systems and alarms. A commercial electrician can help with installing almost every part of this system. It is important to have a qualified professional install these type of systems as having something that will keep employees and customers alike protected at all times is essential when it comes to business.

There are many strict codes that must be followed by commercial electricians. As there is a lot of demand for energy in the big buildings, all the cables and wiring must be kept hidden and safe from being damaged. In an office or industrial buildings, there can be miles upon miles of wiring, all of which is often hidden so that it is not noticeable at first glance. Commercial electricians design plans for these types of buildings to make sure that east wire is set hidden.

Power systems are usually found underground, tunneled by the commercial electricians. It is a complicated job and each line must be routed correctly otherwise it runs the risk of not working.


MEC are skilled Commercial Electricians in Stockport and Manchester with a wealth of knowledge in this sector. You will be making the right decision in making sure that your Electrical Systems in your property and maintained by a qualified Commercial Electrician.

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