We have been fitting burglar alarms in Stockport and Manchester for over 30 years and are now one of the most trusted firms there is in the area. We are constantly up to date with the latest designs, models and even fit bespoke systems in the larger homes with minimal fuss to you and your family. We have all the professional qualification and all our work comes with a peace of mind warranty so you know you are in safe hands with MEC.

Why a Burglar Alarm?

Living within an ever-increasingly violent world requires you to be progressive with respect to your personal and families safety. In this sort of a condition it is highly necessary to make good use of a Burglar Alarm. A Burglar Alarm is widely used to create a warning signal (siren that renders very loud noise), which makes it become very easy to scare off the burglars.

Burglar Alarm System is a must for most of the houses or business as it provides first line of defence from the Burglars. Statistics shows that individuals who have no burglar alarm system installed in their home or business tend to be burglarized more than those who have a burglar alarm system. If you do not want your house or your business to be burglarized, it is essential that you install a burglar alarm system in your home or business. Installing a capable alarm system will go a long way to decrease the chance of coming home to find that you have been burgled. Likewise the knowledge that you have effective locks fitted to your windows and doors will help you to feel more secure. If any intruder wants to enter the home through the door or window without permission, home owner would be instantly alerted by the burglar alarm.

House Security

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